Election Prayer 2020




I’ve been praying along the lines of this prayer for a while, but I got a little more detailed here. I wrote this prayer out today, on election day. I’m no prophet, so I don’t know how God will intervene in this election. But this is my perspective, and I pray according to this perspective, and I’m letting you in on it as though praying publicly. If I had been asked to pray at Franklin Graham’s recent prayer rally in DC, this is what I would have written out, and this is what I would have prayed (to everyone’s shock, I’m sure!). I have to be true to myself before the Lord and pray according to what I believe is His will based on my understanding of the teachings and priorities of Scripture — just as you must do.

Note: keep in mind this is a prayer, not an article, so I’m not too concerned about how well it’s written or how well it sounds. Prayers from the heart are different.


Dear Father,

I lift up this election to You. I commit the results of the election to you. At the same time, I pray that for the honor of Christ’s holy name, for the sake of the Gospel message, for the sake of the mission You’ve given to Your Church, that You would remove Donald Trump from office, that You would intervene to have him voted out.

I believe that we as Your people, who follow and represent Christ, have gotten off track as it relates to our country and to what you’ve called us to do in relation to our country. We’ve gotten our eyes on the wrong thing. We’ve taken our eyes off the main thing that You’ve called us to. We have given priority to our country and individual issues – like abortion and religious freedom and concerns about the LGBTQ agenda, and concerns for the welfare of Israel – over our testimony for Christ, over the primary mission that You have given to the Church, which is the spreading of the Gospel message and making disciples for Christ.

For it’s through the gospel message and the salvation of lost souls, that hearts and lives are changed and that change in America occurs. It’s through the steady and sure and gradual message of Christ, through a focus on glorifying His name, that revival takes place in America. But we have gotten our priorities all mixed up. We have sinned by disregarding our testimony in the eyes of a watching world for the sake of political power. We’ve sought to bring about change in America through political means, through politicians and political parties and through laws — rather than through the God-ordained means of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have chosen to identify ourselves with an ungodly, mean-spirited and prideful person in Donald Trump to get what we want. We’ve set aside concern for our testimony, and instead to have chosen the likes of Trump to protect us. We’ve set aside our primary mission and honorable principles to get what we want. We’ve cast character aside and have accepted the idea that the end justifies the means, as it relates to Trump and our dependence on him.

We’ve given priority to lessor means to get what we want in America. We’ve chosen quick fixes through people whom we believe will make laws that we agree with. We’ve cast aside the sure and steady means that You’ve given to us in the Gospel of Christ, and have chosen inferior ways to establish our security in America. We’ve gone the way of the world for quick fixes that don’t last. Shame on us!

Lord, we’ve become far too preoccupied with President Trump. Our voice for Trump has been louder than our voice for Jesus. It’s the name of Donald Trump that unbelievers hear, not the name of Jesus. So loud has been our voice for such a man as Donald Trump, that our voice for Jesus has been drowned out. So closely have we aligned ourselves with Trump, that people see Trump instead of our Lord.

Father, we’ve gotten our eyes off the mission You’ve given to us in the world. We’ve gotten off track by unholy alliances and worldly means of getting the things we want in our country. We’ve given priority to our country over the Kingdom of Christ. We’ve given priority to advancing our country over advancing Christ’s Kingdom.

So Lord, First of all, I believe the best thing that could happen to Christ’s Church in America at this point in time, is for You to remove Donald Trump from office. Because then, being free from our support and association with him, we can begin to get back on track, where we are again focused on our testimony and the Great Commission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples for Him (Matthew 28:18-20). This is Your way of changing people and changing laws and changing the course of countries. Oh God, it may take a very long time to reestablish our testimony to where people no longer associate us with Trump, but at least we can begin the process, where we are once again associated with Christ and His holy name, and where true revival can take place.

Secondly Lord, I also pray that You would remove Donald Trump from office because of his deep-seated pride. He is a man without humility, a man characterized by pride and a self-glorifying and self-serving mindset. I know how You hate pride and how You look upon national leaders who give credit to themselves rather than to You.

Thirdly, I pray that You would remove Donald Trump from office because of the wickedness of our country. Our country has become like Sodom and Gomorrah. The sins of our land are not hidden from Your all-seeing eyes. Therefore, for the good of our land, so that revival can take place in America, I ask that You would remove Trump from the Presidency. For I believe that has to happen first before Your people can get refocused on what You’ve called us to do, and that is to give honor to the name of Christ, to give priority to our testimony for Him, to give priority and full attention to the Great Commision that Jesus has given to us. For only then can revival occur. We’ve become too politically oriented, too politically dependent. We’ve put too much faith in politics. I believe our ties with Trump hinders the work of the Lord. I believe it hinders what we would like to see occur in America. I believe it prevents revival. For change to occur in America, we must place priority on the Kingdom of Christ, on advancing His Kingdom. Trump is a major stumbling block to Your people, Lord, and so I believe he needs to be removed, and that’s what I’m asking.

Lastly, and most importantly, Father, I ask that You would remove Donald Trump from office for the sake of Your glorious name. I know that You will not share Your name with anyone. Yet, because we represent You, we have associated Your holy name with Donald Trump, a horrible person, who stands against the truth as an habitual liar and deceiver. Your people have placed their hope and trust in this man for the good of America. Yes, I know we say that it’s You whom we really depend on, but our actions do not line up with that claim. Therefore, Lord, for the honor of Your name, I ask that You would sever the ties that we have established with this man.

Finally, Lord God, I pray for Donald Trump’s salvation. You have surrounded him with many Christians over the course of four years, who have perhaps even shared the Gospel of Christ with him, but in spite of the opportunity you’ve given to him, he still has not turned to Christ. He is still self-reliant and self-serving. His hope is in himself. But I know that You can break through the pride and the blindness and darkness, and can open his eyes to the light of Christ. That’s my prayer for this man. May You show him his sins and his need for forgiveness that can only be found in Christ, who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead. May You remove him from his throne of pride as You did Nebuchadnessar, and may he come to his senses as Nebuchadnezzar did, who gave glory to the true God (Daniel 4:34-37).

It’s my prayer that we will all learn and grow from this, that we will again begin to call for people of honor and integrity and decency to run for office, particularly those who follow Christ and depend on You for guidance in all things.

May Your will be done. In Jesus name and for His glory. Amen