Key Verse in Revelation That Disproves a Millennial Kingdom



There’s a verse in Revelation that I believe reveals convincingly that there is no earthly millennial kingdom:

Revelation 15:1 – And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having seven plagues, which are the last, for in them is finished the wrath of God.


Here we see that God’s wrath is finalized with the outpouring of these plagues upon the world (of unbelievers), which includes the war of Armageddon. This finishes God’s wrath. Yet, Premillennialism teaches that there’s yet another war, one that takes place after the 1000 year kingdom (Rev 20:7-10). Premillennialists teach that this is where Satan gathers all the unbelievers of this earthly kingdom against Christ and His people for one final battle. But how can this be when the Apostle John makes a very clear statement that God’s wrath is finished with the outpouring of the seven bowl judgments, which includes Armageddon (at the return of Christ)? How is it that God’s wrath is displayed against His enemies at Armageddon, but not against His enemies (which includes Satan, His greatest enemy) in Rev 20:7-10? 

Either these two wars are the same or, within the context of Premillennialism, God’s wrath isn’t actually finished at Armageddon (at the return of Christ) like the Apostle John says it is, which of course contradicts what John reveals here. This is one of the many inconsistencies of Premillennialism.

One must draw the reasonable conclusion that the wars described in Rev 16:12-21, Rev 19:11-21, Rev 20:7-10 all refer to the same battle, and that from there we go directly into the Eternal Kingdom of Rev 21 and 22. As I point out over and over in my series, “Kingdom of Christ Now,” the NT doesn’t allow any room for the type of kingdom that Premillennialism teaches. That idea must be forced into the pages of the NT.


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